Meltronics offers full electronics and software design service from concept to production

Meltronics has over 25 years of experience of electronics from power servo systems and Power supplies to Embedded Digital systems and RF. It specialises in custom design solutions, particularly test equipment for all stages of product development and production. The extensive experience means Meltronics is able to take a wide view and fully understand the often very interactive nature of design, particularly test equipment.
Key Services
ATE Systems ATE Programs, DOS and Windows
Design Simulation PCB Layout Circuit Design
Full Documentation in many Standard File Formats
Circuit Schematics PCB Gerber Files Design Netlists CAD Files
User Manuals Installation Maintainance
MS Word Lotus WordPro Acrobat Windows Help
Advice and Problem Solving
Design Analysis EMC

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How to reach us
Phone: 0(44) 1223 415993

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